Sam Himself shines new light on his new album ‘Never Let Me Go’

Never Let Me Go is a dazzling and electrifying triumph in music. Sam Koechlin, aka Sam Himself, returns with a dynamic ten-track album, featuring the collaborative efforts of his talented producer Daniel Schlett, the virtuosic mastering of Greg Calbi,  the stunning drum work of Chris Egan and the groovy bass lines of Josh Werner. This record is a true testament to the creative brilliance of Sam and his team.

The album is a beautiful contrast to Sam’s earlier work, showcasing a newfound sense of hope and positivity. The songs are infused with a lively energy that captures the thrill of reuniting with his band and making meaningful personal connections. The raw emotions and vulnerability evident in the lyrics make this album a boldfaced plea for hope, one that is all the more powerful for its evident fragility.

Sam’s previous work, the critically acclaimed “Power Ballads”, dealt with the bleak solitude of a difficult time, but Never Let Me Go shimmers with the promise of a reopening world. The tension between hope and the awareness of its fragility is at the heart of this album, making it an exceptional listening experience.

Throughout 2022, Sam has been teasing us with the release of several incredible singles, including “Mr. Rocknroll”, “Golden Days” and the title track “Never Let Me Go”. These offerings have only heightened our anticipation for the full album and solidified Sam’s reputation as the “King of Tears”.

To further promote his album, Sam has announced the first leg of his European Tour, which will include stops in Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, and Zurich, with more shows to follow in the US and Europe. The year has been a busy one for him, marked by several dozen shows, including his first German tour, a mini-run with Icelandic songwriter Ásgeir, and a New York showcase.

In conclusion, “Never Let Me Go” is a dynamic, heartwarming, and inspiring album that will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted.

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