Samantha Marie reclaims her broken heart on “When You’re Not There” [Video]

Los Angeles based Samantha Marie followed her passion across the country where she now writes music from a place of unfiltered emotional bluntness and lyrical depth. Her latest single, “When You’re Not There” is a time capsule of falling apart in a relationship that leans into the anxiety, second guessing, and feelings of isolation that surface in the face of heartbreak.

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“When You’re Not There” features 80’s inspired beats, dreamy vocals paved with luminescent harmonies, and eerie, ethereal piano at the start and finish of the track. Samantha Marie captains with an emotion of longing and hopefulness that ultimately comes crashing down into disappointment on this visceral journey. Samantha Marie laments, “Maybe I’ll listen to myself / Cause when you’re not there I’m out / I’m out of my mind.” The music video profiles Samantha getting ready for a date, already filled to the brim with doubt, only to have her suspicions confirmed that he’s seeing another girl. She rides her bike home from the restaurant and sings the closing chorus with newfound strength, confidence, and self-reclamation. “When You’re Not There” is a fluid, emotive, universal pop anthem that retaliates and comes full circle by the end of the story.

Samantha Marie Saglibene was raised in Florida where she found music as a source of grit and persistence against mental illness. During 2020, her classes were taught in an online format which gave Samantha the space to explore her voice as a singer. Now, she’s driven across the country to pursue her dream of making music.

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