San Fermin laments feeling deserted by friends on “Someone You Can Call Baby”

American indie rock collective San Fermin drops new single “Someone You Can Call Baby,” which laments the chasm that forms between friends over time. Founded on the band’s trademark emotive quality, the track opens with a relaxed acoustic guitar section which builds slowly towards a cathartic release all tied together by vocalist Claire Wellin.

Speaking of the process behind the track, songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone comments: “Since Allen took over producing, my writing process has really changed. I wrote this one at the piano and it came out almost like a ballad, which I never usually write. The song had three distinct sections we really liked, but we couldn’t figure out how to piece it all together. Allen and I argued about this one a lot, but often those end up being the best songs.”

Ludwig-Leone pens a heartfelt exploration of feeling deserted by friends, painful notes of abandonment seeping through Wellin’s delivery as brings it to a moment of peace and acceptance, singing “When you call him baby / I just can’t explain / You used to call me baby / Never be the same,” as a swell of guitars cushion her, courtesy of vocalist Allen Tate’s carefully crafted and layered production.

Formed in 2013, San Fermin have seen a quick rise led by their constant need for experimentation and reinvention. With “ Someone You Can Call Baby,” perfectly capturing the emotional dissonance that forms the heart of the band’s musicality, they build anticipation for what’s to come next.

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