Sarah Barrios just wants to be “Somebody I’m Proud Of” [Video]

LA-based singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios reveals her newest single “Somebody I’m Proud Of” — a tender new pop track featuring soothing rhythms, lush melodies, and emotive intricacies.

“Somebody I’m Proud Of” is an anthem for those who might feel a little lost in the world right now. Unraveling an intricate and dreamy soundscape, the single showcases Barrios as an inherent storyteller. Laced with velvety sonics, the delicacy of the production is as comforting, as the delicate delivery of each lyric.

Like many of Barrios’ tracks, “Somebody I’m Proud Of” is a story of personal growth. Recently embracing her own true identity, the single twirls its way around the notion that if we want to be truly happy with our being, all we have to do is be someone that we’re proud to be. Simple. Yet despite this never feeling as simple as it may seem, Barrios’ vocal tones feel more therapeutic than introspective, offering understanding without the judgment in hopes of comforting the listener.

“This song is about not knowing your true identity. It’s about looking back on who you were when you were young, reminiscing on the innocence and realizing that, as you’ve gotten older, you’ve changed,” Barrios tells us. “It’s about knowing you can’t be the same person you once were but also not feeling happy with who you currently are. It’s the search for a version of yourself that you can be proud of. I think everyone at some point in their lives questions who they are and how they’ve changed since their youth, but I’m finding that no one is always the hero or always the villain in their story, sometimes we’re both and that’s okay.”

If one thing is clear, Sarah Barrios is an icon in the making. “Somebody I’m Proud Of” is a lush tune woven with dainty and silky lines that are simply cashmere to the ears, and ready for any Fall playlist.

“Somebody I’m Proud Of” is out now via Visionary Records & Arista Records.

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