Sareem Poems and Madi share a “Piece of the Pie”

Lansing, MI emcee Sareem Poems is a staple in the underground scene, with a handful of projects and multiple collaborations under his belt. His latest venture is a pending collaboration with Seattle, WA-based producer Madi who plan on dropping their full-length sometime in Autumn. In the interim, they share a new single “Piece of the Pie”, a jazz/soul centrepiece that dives into the concept of time and how we all use it differently.

Madi crafts a sombre and relaxing backdrop made up of soft sublime textures with punchy drums while Sareem muses on the important things in life that money can’t buy. From finding happiness within, making good use of one’s time with family and developing one’s craft, Sareem drops more than a handful of knowledge for listeners to learn from.

Stream “Piece of the Pie” on all DSPs here.

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