Sarko Montaug delivers experimental 80s infused single & visuals for "Possessive"

Meet Sarko Montaug. This exciting synth flavored art-pop duo encompasses a nostalgic yet sophisticated sound that draws inspiration from our favorite 80s throwbacks, while challenging the typical formula driven by pop sounds often heard today, thus creating a novel atmosphere of electro pop meets new wave bliss.  The husband-and-wife duo, composed of Jess and Cristian Mora, fully embrace an iconic era of New York City culture and nightlife while masterfully intertwining the sounds to complement their own personality and left-of-center concepts.

Sarko Montaug’s debut single, “Possessive,” explores the theme of imbalance and toxicity in romantic relationships, while creating a juxtaposition with their use of lustrous vocals and upbeat dance-flavored beats over bright melodies and 80s infused synths. The single speaks volumes about the current climate, while also having a little fun and inspiring people to let their hair down and let loose on the dancefloor.  According to Jess of the band, it’s a "dance while setting a reminder to bring up that toxic ex-relationship at your next therapy session" kind of song. The production’s foundation beautifully embraces the track's dynamics and was produced by Jorge Elbrecht, who is known for his work with Japanese Breakfast and Wild Nothing.

In the accompanying visuals for “Possessive,” the theme is all about feet. Jess further confides, "A fetish theme seemed a proper fit for the song, and I feel like the foot fetish in particular is ready for mainstreaming. I would love for this to be a part of that movement." Raw, artistic and with a DIY feel, the viewer is instantly pulled into the cinematics, anxiously awaiting to see what happens next.

Sarko Montaug’s name pays tribute to two individuals who played major roles in the 80s NYC art/nightlife scene, DJ Anita Sarko and Doorman Haoui Montaug. Jess proclaims, "Haoui and Anita were instrumental in providing space for artists like Beastie Boys and Madonna to perform when they were unknowns. They had incredible taste and understood the energetic release that can only be experienced in a night club full of the right amount of friends, strangers and icons.” Blending new wave, 80s pop, and indie sounds, these colorful newcomers are just getting started.

Check out the new single and visuals for Sarko Montaug’s “Possessive” here and feel the groove of the past and present for a delicious dance floor treat.

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