Savageland share retro-styled visuals of their song “Bruce Lee Wit The Scratches” [Video]

As quarantine season continues, emcees and creatives are keeping busy round the clock churning out cuts to keep their listeners entertained. Producer Reckonize Real joins the fray with this solid posse cut titled  “Bruce Lee Wit The Scratches .” The track is the sophomore single taken from Reckonize Real’s forthcoming project with emerging Boston emcees Weapon E.S.P and Ghost of the Machine. The trio recently joined forces to form a group called  Savageland to signify their mutual love of comic books, but also to reflect the direction society is currently headed in. “Bruce Lee Wit The Scratches” is the quintessential hardcore track that is rife with comic book references and a hook that pays homage to Bruce Lee’s iconic moves. Both artists view the game from a different lens and compare themselves to Bruce at the end scene of Enter The Dragon when he gets sliced across the chest and tastes his own blood.

For the visuals, Savageland recruit the help of director Maz Wun who keeps the dystopian and lo-fi sci-fi feel of the group. The visual aesthetics have a vintage feel and are somewhat faded like the old VHS tapes of low budget horror flicks.  The emcees play their positions and bring their own unique and often zany demeanor to the forefront as the screen flickers with weird special effects and snippets from various sources ranging from Enter the dragon movie to the 90s X-Men series. Although the bars are dense and their performances display some form of full-on machismo, the duo are not afraid to horse around a bit to keep things a bit lighthearted and playful.

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