S+C+A+R+R inspires to dance “The Rest Of My Days” away [Video]

There is something unnerving about S+C+A+R+R. And it’s not the fact that his bio consists of a one-line introduction, or that his auto-tuned vocals leave much to the imagination. No, it’s that he’s able to invoke so much familiarity with only one music video—his first, for newly released single “The Rest Of My Days”—that truly makes his talent so charmingly disturbing. 

With only a handful of singles out, “The Rest Of My Days” seems to appoint itself as a defining marker of his particular indie-pop brand. Helped along by producer Dan Levy (of the French indie pop duo The dø), the melody is irresistible, the percussions absolutely infectious, and the playful synths as warm as city lights brightening a night sky.

The early aughts dance club influences tear through in vivid flashbacks of carefree shuffles and strobing lights. Imagery that isn’t missed in the music video directed by Jack Antoine Charlot, as a computer-generated version of S+C+A+R+R dances along in a sensory-deprived space. It’s intoxicating to watch, perhaps due to the abundant consumption of content we’re now privy to in our collective self isolation. This video offers a respite from the stream of loud and overstimulating feeds—no choreography, no pretence and no statements of any kind to be analyzed. Just a man moving his body along with a song, in the best way he knows how. And if I’m being honest, he got me doing it too. 

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