Scott Goldbaum shares debut single and visuals for “Drive Too Fast”

Singer/songwriter and acclaimed guitar player Scott Goldbaum has been a fixture in the music scene for a long time performing and touring with artists including Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, and Charlotte Lawrence among others. Now stepping into his own musical path, Scott Goldbaum is sharing his debut single “Drive Too Fast” off of his upcoming EP.

With “Drive Too Fast”, Goldbaum reflects on the perils of a fast paced lifestyle and all the vices that come along with it. From reckless and dangerous behaviors, Goldbaum further explores the treacherous psychological impact that codependent relationships can have.

Lyrics including, “You light me up / I fade to black / Honey, you pick me up / Only to put me back,” show the havoc causing emotional ebbs and flows of the excessive reliance on a lover. Sonically, “Drive Too Fast” showcases Goldbaum’s immense musical talent with a warm acoustic riff floating effortlessly under soul drenched vocals and lush string arrangements. Both experimental yet familiar, “Drive Too Fast” is a seductive sonic journey fusing indie rock, folk and pop. In the accompanying music video directed by Britt Devandry, whimsical and abstract animation become the perfect accompaniment for the contemplative nature of the song.

Scott Goldbaum is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist who formerly fronted bands including Forebear, Wise Cub and The Harm. Known as a guitar virtuoso, Goldbaum has leant his talents both onstage and in the studio to some of today’s largest musical stars. “Drive Too Fast” is the first single off his upcoming EP Protector out later this year.

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