Scottish rising act Murdo Mitchell drops anthemic folk-tinged offering, "Faded"

Scottish musician Murdo Mitchell drops soothing but anthemic single, “Faded,” continuing his impressive musical streak following an impactful debut. With an acoustic sensibility built on booming beats, indie hooks and a smooth vocal delivery, Mitchell’s latest foray thrums with an unbridled energy that has us playing the track on loop, while emotional nuances envelops us with calming vibes.

If his debut single ,“Hollow,” was a melancholic and cathartic exploration of heartbreak, “Faded” is more hard-hitting as the tinges of an electronic soundscape leak into the laid-back strumming of guitars, developing an intricately layered production. A deep vocal timbre forming the heart of his folksy music, the track which leans into his penchant for vulnerable, honest song writing is slightly more experimental than his debut yet firmly rooted in the rising singer’s indie-folk style that’s quickly become his trademark.

From a career that began with busking in Glasgow at only 11 years old, Mitchell’s passion for his craft and raw talent combined with the creativity from the streets that shaped him have become the foundation for a musical career founded on an artistry that’s as catchy and engaging as it is emotive. With an EP on the horizon, “Faded,” is only more milestone in the emerging act’s journey.

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