Sean J O’Neill returns with the mystifying “I’m Here”

Artists like experimental folk artist Sean J O’Neill don’t come along very often. Rare and enigmatic, the boundary-pushing approach to his craft takes it far beyond merely experimental, and into entirely new sonic depths thus far seemingly unexplored. Hailing from Perth, Australia, the most isolated city on the planet, he applies the same sense of solitude to the transformative musical worlds that he creates.

Upon first listen, “I’m Here” comes across like the soundtrack to the tear-jerking closing credits of a lifechanging feature film, a result of the orchestral influence on his music. The track can be looked at as two different passages working cohesively to tell one vibrant story. The first half slowly introduces more and more masterfully placed, yet understated textures, steeped in an ambiance that brings them to life. In his own words in the email press release, he outlines that, “I’m Here” is a “combination of folk, experimental and modern classical music, inviting the audience into uncharted sonic environments where the listener is rewarded with new textural discoveries upon every listen,” and it truly is exactly that.

A short interlude that focuses on the subtle nuances of the aforementioned texture builds the track towards a breathtaking crescendo and second passage, where “I’m Here” shines brightest. Jubilant orchestral elements nothing short of jubilant unfurl, adding to already rich, otherworldly atmosphere. The melancholic vocal of the first passage returns to close out the track, and sounds decidedly optimistic, perfectly befitting the sonic wanderlust.

With a release this moving, we’re excited to continue the journey that he is taking and can’t wait to hear what’s next.

“I’m Here” releases May 29th via Lyricom Records.

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