seeyousoon unveil hazy second single “ICFWT”

Multi-genre music collective seeyousoon just dropped a cerebral new track “ICFWT,” a dreamy collage of rap, soul, and electronic music featuring many eccentric voices from the group. Just their second ever single since their chaotic debut jam “Steamy” from February, “ICFWT” is a more meditative and mysterious effort that goes more sonically experimental with more lyrical depth. With another infectious genre-spanning banger on their hands, seeyousoon are two for two in commercial releases, quickly proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The spacey instrumental on “ICFWT” brings warm electronic pulses and punchy 808’s that develop a poignant ambivalence fits the lyrics eloquently. It feels like a glitchy technological purgatory. Much like the disorienting beat on “Steamy,” this soundscape has plenty of bells and whistles, hums and whirs. It takes a few listens to pick up every nook and cranny of the track. Lyrically, seeyousoon bring cutting bars and crooning vocals alike, all united by the common theme of navigating life’s uncertainties. But despite the constant themes of mystery and fear from the many unique voices, the song’s light, airy hook provides a silver lining of hope and confidence. “Soon you’ll see the meaning. If they don’t, it’s not your problem. May this everlasting journey lead me to my solace.”

“ICFWT” is a great second step for seeyousoon, who have proven their abilities beyond the restrictive label of “rap group.” There’s clearly a depth, ambition, and sheer talent that reaches beyond. Moreover, these abilities are one’s that will be a joy to see expanded upon in the coming months, as seeyousoon have tremendous potential to be a serious powerhouse of the new decade.

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