Seth Glier shares important message in new single “Another Day in America”

Grammy nominated deeply emotive singer/songwriter Seth Glier has just shared his first release of 2022. The poignant new single and video entitled “Another Day in America” is the first release following his 2021 full length album The Coronation.

With “Another Day in America” Seth Glier writes a heartbreaking true story about a mother and son he met and how the son did not want to wear his light up shoes anymore after an active shooting drill at his school. His fear of standing out in at times a dangerous American school landscape is deeply disturbing and upsetting and is the narrative for Seth Glier’s latest single.

With lyrics including, “his teacher says it’s just a practise drill / in spite of that it scares him still / so he tries his best / to disappear beneath his desk / if he can do it perfectly / he might not be another casualty”, Glier paints the anxiety many children feel today due to senseless mass school shootings. Sonically, “Another Day in America” features emotive piano and soft honeyed- vocals. The minimal instrumentation and sparse production lay the focus on the important message of the single, with the music not overcrowding the deliberate lyrics and soulful vocals. The accompanying visuals show an illustration of a child going through the active school shooting drills at school and all that it entails as well as scenes of tragedy in other schools.

Seth Glier has released music for over a decade. The songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has shared six critically acclaimed albums over the years and has toured alongside powerhouse artists including Ani DiFranco, James Taylor, and Ronnie Spector, among others. With “Another Day in America”, the artist has shared his most powerful song to date.

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