SG ALI puts her talent on display with new single “Drank on the Block”

Hailing from the projects of Chicago, 22-year-old rapper SG ALI is starting 2021 with her new release “Drank on the Block.” The Chicago emcee has been buzzing in her city and looks to continue that momentum into the new year. Her new track is an emotional cut, where ALI breaks down her struggles and past.

The production for “Drank on the Block” is kept simple and concise, with a minimal guitar loop and some punchy drums. The track keeps an open lane for ALI’s lyrical prowess to deliver each vivid storytelling line with emotion and heart. The impassioned delivery coupled with the soothing strings adds depths of earnestness and personal character. 

Telling stories of ole Chicago days and lyrics filled with raw emotion are hallmarks of SG ALI’s sound. “Drank on the Block” is a great representation of these strengths. The future is bright for the young Chicago emcee, and her newest track proves she is only just getting started. 

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