Sgmaniak seeks hope within chaos with new album ‘The Global Heart Awakens’

With all the uncertainty and turmoil the world has been facing, we could all use a little optimism and hope for the future. Sgmaniak had to cope with the immense anxiety he like many others had been feeling. With climate change, social injustice and COVID-19, it took a toll on the singer. Through his latest album, The Global Heart Awakens he showcases his journey to finding peace through meditation and nature. With elements of neo-soul jazz, alt-indie and rock, Sgmaniak’s crafted an eclectic nine-track collection that is a true decadent listen.

Opening with the shiny synth-infused “Prayers On Ice”, the relaxed, dreamy rhythm is contrasted by the song’s message of deep pain and heartache; “Dad’s cooking dinner, got a heavy pour / Feels like we aren’t a family no more / I know, it’s too bad.” The melancholy offering centers on his parent’s divorce and the effect that has had on him. At the start of quarantine, he arrived home to Florida. His parents ended things after he moved. This was the first time he split his time between the two family members. The track serves as a cathartic release of all his bottled-up emotions the experience evoked.

“Songs of Healing” is another synth-heavy tune of recovering from pain. As his opulent falsetto soars atop a vibrant, beaming beat, you are left eager for brighter days. The concluding “Fireworks” was written about the awful hate that runs rampant in the world. After the news of George Floyd’s death, Sgmaniak was riddled with strong feelings of anger and confusion. The powerful piece speaks to that frustration while also conveying hopefulness. With jazzy drums, ethereal keys and bold electro flairs, it creates the ideal backdrop to his passionate, soulful vocals.    

Sgmaniak (pronounced S. G. Maniak) is an intoxicating talent from Gainesville, Florida, but is currently based in New York City. Known for his raw and honest works of heartbreak, he’s gained a loyal fan base across the globe. The Global Heart Awakens is another masterful example of his candidness on full display.

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