Shaefri describes being “23” in her new single

Shaefri has released her new single “23”, which will appear in her forthcoming EP, Girl due for release on July 1. With her enchanting vocals, the singer addresses the hurdles of being a young adult.

In the song, she touches on relatable topics like graduation, dating, losing friends, bills, depression and challenges that many people in their twenties can relate to. In the pre-hook she sends a soothing message as she sings “If you need a hand to hold, I’ll be there / Tell you you’re not crazy, we’ve all been there”. The most captivating part of the song is the vocalization in the chorus. Another noteworthy theme is the consistent storytelling which spreads across the verse, bridge, and chorus. “’23’ is a recognition of all the challenges facing our generation,” she says.” ‘We’ve got very little stability, whether it’s where you live, your finances, your mental health, your family, your friends, your career – nothing is certain and it can be really unsettling.”

Spreading some positivity she adds, “A big part of ’23’ is also a celebration of those years and acknowledges that it’s ok not to have everything together, no-one does, and that you don’t need to fulfill anyone else’s expectations of how you should live your life – you’re going to be fine and pursue whatever you want to – it’s your life and your choice, if you stick with it, you’ll get there.”

The London-raised singer’s sophomore EP, is the result of a two-year quest to capture her unique identity. The five-track project will feature an organic blend of electronics and acoustic instruments. It’s a new season for the artist and this times she’s comfortable with her own identity, thriving, and armed with fresh sounds for her audience this year. 

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