Shan Vincent de Paul goes into “Savage” mode [Video]

Toronto-based multi-faceted artist Shan Vincent de Paul goes for the jugular on his visceral single titled “Savage.” The aptly titled record is a pure showcase of anger, unbridled energy, and bravado lyrics which Shan brings in copious amounts. He lets off a rapid-paced cadence that doesn’t seem to slow down while the dark punchy trap backdrop plays second fiddle to the rapper’s fiery performance. He also shows he is a student of the game and throws in the classic Dead Prez “hip-hop” chant for good measure before raising the ante with another rousing devil-may-care hook.

The visuals are directed by Shan and Arsenij Gusev and the duo stray from the traditional performance-led shots with a focus on dancer Usha Jey who carries it all by herself. The dancer fuses Bharatanatyam – a classical form of Indian dance with modern Hip Hop and the result is an expressive rage-fuelled performance that blends subtle art with self-identity. From the slow build-up to the fast-paced scenes, we do get a sense of urgency as the video progresses with Usha Jey at the helm of affairs with her gripping body moves.

Savage” is a precursor to his forthcoming Made in Jaffna album.

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