SHARDS shares hazy dreampop single “2020 (I Want To Go Home)”

UK-based quartet SHARDS share their dreamy indie-fulled single “2020 (I Want To Go Home)”. Combining hazy dream-pop with indie-psych sensibilities, the single is laced with nostalgic undertones.

Filtered with lightweight guitars and feathered sonics, the track is a slice of mellowing pop that transforms into an ultra indie anthem. Sparkling with golden hazes, “2020 (I Want To Go Home)” is a comforting tune brimming with an evident northern twang that makes their brand of indie that much more authentic.”2020 encompasses the feeling of safety, nostalgia and the comfort of youth. A feeling of everything in its right place, approaching adulthood, this feeling is ripped away, revealing all the anxieties of life and coming of age,” explains the band.

SHARDS are incredible up-and-comers whose music is both intricate and breezy. Filtered with woozy licks and effortless production, the single is simply iridescently captivating.

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