Shayhan delivers stimulating video for “Godspeed”

Seattle-born and current Los Angeles resident, Shayhan, has dropped off his latest single “Godspeed”. Accompanied by an artsy video, the song is a psychedelic and soulful mix of sounds that showcases Shayhan’s unique approach to making music.

Shayhan has been refining his musical sound for years and the rollout to the world is beginning. “Godspeed” marks his first release for Tierdrop Records, and it feels like the start of something special for the up-and-coming artist. His distinct sonic makeup is highlighted by his tender voice and unique backing instrumentals. Shayhan seems to sit at the intersection of soul, indie, and psych rock which creates for a delightful blend. That blend is on full display on “Godspeed”, as the track bounces from soulful vocals to funky drum fills, wavy synthesizers, and what sounds like a full horn section. The video features mind-bending visuals that are a perfect pairing for the eccentric music they are tasked with bringing to life. The opening scenes set the psychedelic stage, finding Shayhan in a black room as he is distorted and multiplied.


On “Godspeed” Shayhan shared: Godspeed is a song about love at first sight. It was written and recorded in a basement apartment in Seattle, WA in 2018. Jared (producer) was moving to LA and I was going through a tough break up. I had been focused on my relationship for the last 3 years and made little music throughout it. Realizing where my priorities were, I wanted all that time back. Jared looked through about 2 beats before he landed the chosen one. I wrote and recorded it all on the spot that evening. One of the most sought-after moments in my opinion, as much as I enjoy the process. The original name was “Patience” as a reminder to myself that nothing is a waste of time.

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