Shenie Fogo’s “To The Sky” is a sultry masterpiece [Video]

Jamaican/Swedish artist Shenie Fogo shares the video for her single “To The Sky” as she prepares to release her new EP, entirely produced by iSHi

The track is a laid back, moody and ethereal soundscape bolstered by Fogo’s charming vocals and a sultry melody. Her vocal delivery is as passionately as can be and each passionate lyric is an extension of the aritst’s own self-affirmation and realization. She sieves through the past and takes on the world with lines like “I have fallen far too many times / now I’m taking what I know is mine“. The Stockholm-based creative also stays true to her roots and throws in some dancehall elements to add a dose of higher-energy into the mix.

For the self-directed video, Fogo goes for an expressive aesthetic that captures her in different moods and settings. From the tom-boyish looks to the sultry dominating costume, Fogo gets to fully express herself.

“To The Sky” is her first single taken from her ’90s inspired EP.  Stream To The Sky on all platforms here.

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