shiv looks within in stunning debut EP ‘Me 2 Me’

A year in the making, rising singer-songwriter and producer shiv self-releases her stunning Me 2 Me EP featuring lead single “Again” alongside the talented Nealo. Written, recorded and produced entirely by herself, the six track project is a testament to shiv’s versatile and homegrown talent. A subject explored throughout the release, Me 2 Me sees her look inwards discovering her true creative potential.

“It was only when I listened to these songs in a particular order that I felt I was truly immersed in the story I had been trying so hard to tell. This EP is essentially a look into my relationship with myself and my creative process.”

A completely vulnerable journey told through a music melting pot of electronic tinges, pure soul and r&b, Me 2 Me resonates with additional themes of fear and self doubt that is experienced in the beauty of growing up. Marking some of shiv’s most honest work yet, lead single “Again” particularly radiates her integrity, delving into the uncertainty that is felt within her generation whilst wrestling with the never ending cycle of hedonism. 

“I was stuck in a rut that I couldn’t see my way out of, this song reflects what so many people my age are feeling right now with no real sense of substance or forward momentum.”

The Zimbabwean-Irish talent continues to ride the waves of self discovery with of course title track “Me 2 Me”, “U Don’t Burn” and “Letting You Know” whilst “Hold Me” reminds shiv of the warmth of her childhood. Reminiscing of her growth so far, “Hold Me” is a poignant moment, tugging at heartstrings with an intro of sweet words from loved ones whilst dreamy sax riffs delicately weave among soothing string melodies. 

A true one to watch, shiv has rightfully earned her place as one of R&B’s risings voices and furthermore, a fearless voice for her generation who delicately tells her story through soul drenched textures, easing anxiety with every note. 

shiv’s Me 2 Me EP is out now. Buy / stream here.

shiv also headlines The Sound House in Dublin on April 24th. Tickets on sale December 9th here.

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