Shy Martin asks “can I call you back?” on delicate new single

Since EARMILK spoke to SHY Martin earlier last year, the Swedish artist has been busy releasing a plethora of new music. This time, SHY returns with the intimate single “can I call you back?”, a track that delicately discusses her struggles with mental health. 

It feels impossible for an artist to get it So right constantly with every release, yet SHY’s music is a constant joy. Whether it’s touching on important subjects like mental health or creating care-free dance-pop, SHY’s inherent ability to write perfected pop is astounding. Underscored with a soothing piano-led melody, the intricacy of “can I call you back?” acts as a fluid stream of consciousness. Displaying the singer’s vulnerability, the track is an enchanting elixir. With twinkling soundscapes and waves of soft, dreamy vocals, “can I call you back?” is yet another powerful ballad from the Swedish pop goddess.

SHY Martin’s latest EP will be dropping later this year. 

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