SIIGHTS weather tempestuous “Blue Skies” [Video Exclusive]

Loss and grief, as heavy as they are, are complexities of life that unite us all and are responsible for countless emotionally wrought songs throughout history. Scottish and Irish duo SIIGHTS offer their stance on the poignant topic by virtue of their latest, “Blue Skies”, which sees their trademark crisp alt-pop tuned to a tasteful melancholy. The final track from their recently released debut self-titled EP, the duo speak to the track in the email press release, “We have both lost people close to us and it’s something that stays with you forever,” and you can truly feel that weight being carried throughout the course of the song; a powerful finale to their well-rounded debut.

Snappy drums and smooth guitar licks lay a firm foundation for the expressive vocal to sweep you away into a pensive and introspective moment. The narrative seamlessly transfers into the heartbreaking visual, which expresses the everyday impact of loss but moreover, provides a message of hope too in that you’re never truly alone in what you’re going through. Stellar work from an inspired duo.

SIIGHTS is out now via LAB Records.

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