Silver Sphere unveils new EP “all my boyfriends”

Silver Sphere has allowed us entry into the ‘silversphere’ with the release of her new EP all my boyfriends. Earlier this year, EARMILK covered the rising indie pop star when she released the EP’s lead single “crowd.” Even though she released her debut album last year, the 21-year-old singer demonstrates growth in this new series just a year later. While her lyrics show that she’s discovering more about herself, her sound is becoming more definite even when she’s experimenting with different genres.

The five-track EP uses 80s instruments and galactic atmospheres as its backdrop, but it comes to life with Silver’s bright pop melodies and attitude.

Silver opens with “ghosts!”. Don’t let the title scare you off, though, because it’s got a sound that’s sure to lure anyone in. Silver sings about how all her boyfriends haunt her, and asks them to leave so she can move on. Right off the bat, Silver makes clear that she doesn’t want to deal with any drama anymore. She’s focusing on herself, whether others like it or not. Very fitting to the title, the track’s music video has Scooby-Doo vibes as Silver dresses in 60-inspired outfits in the likeness of Daphne and Velma.

Though Silver starts off by conveying that confidence one might feel right after a breakup, the next two tracks fall into reflection and longing. While “crowd” carries a lo-fi beat, “disappear” intertwines pop with folk/country lyricism. However, Silver picks up beat she started with with the sugary anthem, “handle me.” The layered vocals and wavering keys give hints of electropop. Her music video also incorporates The Powerpuff Girls-esque visuals to highlight Silver’s image of being like both sugar and spice.

The EP closes with “glow”, an undeniable declaration of love. Silver captures the confusion and fluctuation of feelings with breathy vocals and a pulsing backbeat. The shimmering background breaking out and breaking down in the face of love.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After we hear the sound of a video game shutdown, the EP closes with Silver thanking us for visiting her little world, but listeners must be transported back to Earth. We are sad to leave, but we definitely enjoyed our time.

Listen to the all my boyfriends EP out now via Little Worry/RCA Records.

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