Simon and the Island reminds us to find the faith within darkness in his new self-titled album

Former member of The Strumbellas Simon Ward has now concocted a new indie rock project, Simon and the Island. Releasing a new self-titled album, this inspiring offering is sorrowful and melancholy, yet also provides listeners with a sense of optimism. Within the dark times we face, there is always a glimmer of hope shining through. His riveting release beautifully displays that sentiment.

The opener “Muse” is an ideal start to the album. Declaring absolute love for someone is a powerful thing and this track does that with so much passion and strength. With emotive vocals and soaring instrumentation, the piece pulls listeners in. He sings, “Oh my god, I know you’re struggling and oh my god, I know you’ll love again /I’ll take your side /No matter what you do/You’ll be my muse.” “Scared Of Not Knowing” is a relatable track detailing the fear of the unknown. His effortless tone floats atop striking piano and strings, crafting something truly stunning.

Ward has embarked on his solo journey creating music with so much heart. His songs are so organic and raw contrasting the style of The Strumbellas. This body of work possesses that same bare nature.  Through gentle strings and vast piano there is a piercing poignancy. Take a listen to the tender album now.

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