Simon Jefferis and Rosie Lowe make for a powerful duo on new single “White Rabbit”

There aren’t too many singers out there who can join a track with Simon Jefferis and effortlessly slide into his sophisticated production aesthetic while also making the track their own, grabbing listeners’ attention from the opening notes. Rosie Lowe, however, isn’t a typical artist. On their new single “White Rabbit” the two U.K. artists join forces for a collaboration that sounds as natural as the track’s thumping beats and gliding harmonies. The song is the final preview of Jefferis’ upcoming album Vibrations, which is due out June 12 on DeepMatter.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Jefferis’ talents are on full display with impeccable delivery on drums, bass, keys, and guitar. He also produced the track, making his own instrumentals sound almost like samples in a way that deftly rides the line between electronic and acoustic sensibilities. Lowe’s signature silky vocal style fits beautifully in the mix with her playful rhythmic delivery and exquisite harmonizing. “White Rabbit” will certainly be a gem on Jefferis’ new album and although it’s the only collaboration with Lowe on the project, we can all hope to hear these two make more music together in the future.

“White Rabbit” is available to stream or download here and the new album Vibrations is available to pre-order here.

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