Simone Valentina releases infectious debut single “All My Friends”

Pop singer Simone Valentina has been posting covers on her social media for the past few months, and is ready to give the world her first single. Calling “All My Friends” catchy might be an understatement. 

The new singer has made music part of her life since she was a child, when she was trained as a classical pianist. She undoubtedly takes this knowledge with her, being that her first single is far from amateur. Simone wrote all of “All My Friends” by herself, which is all about her friends telling her not to go back to an ex. Produced by Cleve Wilson, the track is upbeat but never overwhelming, leaving plenty of room for Simone to find meaning and draw emotion with every lyric. On the chorus she sings “all my friends sayin,’ don’t go back,” hesitating just enough to reel the listener in and inject them with excitement.

Simone Valentina’s silky vocals and remarkable songwriting undoubtedly make her an artist to watch going into 2021. 

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