Singer and producer Zak Leever reinvents his sound on new single "We Could Be"

Northern California-born, LA-based multi-hyphenate Zak Leever drops catchy new single “We Could Be,” highlighting a unique brand of dance music born out of a strong combination of booming beats, stunning synths and a brilliant burst of energy. The track draws us in with an unshakeable hold rooted in Leever’s soaring vocals and feel-good vibes.

On the track, Leever who has been consistently expanding his repertoire of skills as a producer and singer-songwriter, showcases his ability to produce soundscapes that thrumming with positivity as his heartfelt lyrical exploration of intimate moments in his life cut gently through the powerful drops and groove.

A song that draws from his own experiences yet opens itself up to our interpretation, the rising talent’s current artistry sees him weave fluid narratives that fit can into anyone’s life story even as it reflects his own life. He explains, “This is where I live and what matters to me now. If someone can listen to my music in a context that works for them – getting drunk on a beach or exploring somewhere new with their friends, and a drop of my story lands in their experience, I’m satisfied as a songwriter."

Allowing himself to be fully raw and honest with his song writing while still maintaining his core strength as an instrumentalist, “We Could Be,” is an uplifting anthem that takes us along on Leever’s journey as he shifts from a signature dance music sound into something far more personal.

A classically trained jazz pianist, the Berklee School of Music graduate has spent a majority of his childhood in the lap of music, having been drawn to it since the age of five. The launch of his electronic project while he was at Berklee was his first pivot, and now with this newest offering Leever who is prepping for several more releases this year, makes his second turn, re-inventing his distinct sound for something that brings us even closer to his versatile artistry.

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