Singer-songwriter Ramzi weaves an emotive tale of love on “Amazing”

Ramzi draws us into a personal tale about love and marriage on soothing production “ Amazing,” a delicate ballad led by soft vocals cushioned on lush pianos and soaring backing vocals. Inspired by his own marriage, the track is balm to a bleeding heart as it comforts through relationships struggles, reminding us that love can be amazing even in its hardest moments.

Delivering a gentle and emotive swirl of pop, soul and power ballads, the track channels Ramzi’s genre-hopping tendencies as it moves into real life experiences while still managing to remain fully relatable as each note of Ramzi’s enchanting voice tugs at our heartstrings, taking us back to uplifting moments of love in our lives. The track encompasses the singer-songwriter’s artistic goal of making people feel good, as it brims with realism and romanticism in equal parts.

Born to Lebanese parents, raised in Nigeria and now based in London, Ramzi’s life and experiences have shaped his diverse sound. Whether its the cultural nuances that peek through in his genre-hopping tendencies or the life-affirming vibes that come from his struggles with a heart problem, Ramzi’s artistry is one that forges an instant connection with anyone listening.

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