Sister duo Grafted Culture is empowering on folk single "Ivory Stands"

Dutch-American duo Grafted Culture drops haunting but empowering folk single “Ivory Stands,” which urges us to embrace our past and move towards a bright future within gentle harmonies. Delivering vibrant sonics underpinned by their ethereal vocals and evocative lyricism that transport us into their carefully crafted world of story-led music.

Encapsulating the experiences that shape you in life, and encouraging to take a journey of self-discovery, the pair bring alive a production that is a joyful and introspective. Tapping into an emotive artistry built on struggles, love and loss, sisters Gabriëlle and Michaëlle come together as Grafted Culture, an act built on poetic notions and a zest for life.

A wealth of experiences drawn from a life spent travelling form the basis of the pair's music, as the siblings infuse positivity into every crooning note grounded by the sisters’ natural instinct to spread understanding and love to everyone.With a sound that’s polished but still framed by rawness, Grafted Culture prove to be able to pull and root us in a world of their thoughtfully developed music, as they work towards becoming the new face of folk as they continue to master their craft.

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