Sivion team up with Newselph for “The Best (Remix)”

Edmonton, AB, Canada-based producer Newselph takes on a new venture as he revamps Sivion’s song “The Best.” The original came out in 2013 on the album Group Therapy, and had a particular bounce and feel, but Newselph’s revisit takes on a whole new meaning. The producer brings that soulful and warm jazz element, along with the punchiness that hip-hop offers with booming drums that merge perfectly with Sivion’s fiery bars and impassioned performance. The track has a unique brightness as well, tying into the motivational message imploring listeners to try to be the best they can be in this thing called life. Also joining them on the record is DJ Manwell who cuts up a smooth routine that we all can rock with.

Stream “The Best (Remix)” on all DSPs here.

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