Skillz 8Figure shares new project ‘After Dark EP’

Emerging Ghanaian/Sierra Leonean singer Skillz 8Figure dropped his debut project Gangster Luv a while back, but he is not quite finished expressing himself as he follows up with his sophomore project After Dark EP. Affected by personal issuesm the global lockdown, and more, he decided to put all his energy into this EP. Always the type to represent his West African roots, Skillz 8Figure seamlessly fuses various influences from Afropop and Afrobeats. 

The 8 track project sees Skillz working with acts like Nigerian singer Oxlade, rapper Psycho YP, Twitch4Eva, Enam, and more. The project is quite cohesive and has a recurring aural motif with its easy-going vibe comprised of bright and soothing melodic textures, undeniable afro rhythm grooves, and his knack for penning catchy hooks. From the laidback bass-laden opener “Julie” to the enticing guitar arrangements on “Like Dat” (which boasts a solid verse from rapper PyschoYP) Skillz 8Figure is quite malleable with his style and offers an impressive range in terms of performance. Tracks like “Sempe” and “Fall” provide a more vulnerable side to the artist while he throws in some bravado and sensual energy on “Like Dat” and “Make Sense” respectively.

At 8 tracks deep, the project is short and makes up for its seamless and consistent flow in terms of mood and sounds. Each song is well-crafted and nothing sounds out of place here and works best when you are cruising or just at home relaxing.

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