Skinny B returns with the swaggering “Young Picasso” [Video]

Portuguese-born, Austrian rapper Skinny B fully embraces the dichotomy of his tastes. Very much a student of the internet, a diet of substance from the of likes of J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, as well as more surface-level anthems from the newer wave of SoundCloud rappers has crafted some compelling results.

With a back catalogue that ranges from in-your-face bangers to more story-led boom-baps and downtempo R&B cuts, it’s clear that this inspired 19-year-old is still exploring the boundaries of his sound. With “Young Picasso,” he sounds decidedly confident in his efforts.

A simple yet masterfully executed Western-leaning trap beat is coupled with his hazy ad-libs, giving “Young Picasso” an air of Travis Scott-like accessible familiarity. His delivery, in both timbre and rhythm, however, elevates the track beyond that with his swaggering adolescent charm.

Elucidating to the track in an email statement, he outlines that “Young Picasso deals with the topic that anyone can achieve anything if they only put in the right amount of work. Do your thing the way you feel it is right and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

“Young Picasso” is out now via Bangus Records.

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