Skinshape drops cinematic yet folksy track “Theme For Lazarus”

London-based, Dorset-born musician Will Dorey aka Skinshape delivers gentle yet groovy offering “Theme For Lazarus,” with a delicate, folk-tinged soundscape. Led by twinkling sweeps of strings and echoing vocals that float over a swelling production, the track captures a sense of wide-eyed wonderment.

Inspired by the themes or sonic backdrops for characters in films, the track has a cinematic edge to it while still being rooted in Skinshape’s trademark kaleidoscopic blend of sounds. Classically filled with warmth and wisdom as all music from Dorey, the track infuses a touch of experimentation by adding elements like pizzicato strings, further elevating the intricacy of his artistry.

As member of indie band Palace, Will Dorey’s career has been a bustling move from spotlight to spotlight. Meanwhile, in his solo work as Skinshape there is free-flowing creativity and musicality. And this dichotomy of stardom also comes to life on the vintage but modern number that is “Theme For Lazarus,” urging us to put it on repeat with an anthemic yet soothing pull.

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