Skofee hits her breaking point in “Quicksand”

Kansas-born, Los Angeles-based, left-of-center pop artist Skofee has just shared her latest banger. Called “Quicksand”, the track follows her summer dance pop anthem “Wind Up Hero”.

With “Quicksand”, Skofee writes an emotional and raw song about hitting a breaking point. We all at one time in our life will be there, whether we are stuck in a relationship gone bad or a situation where we need to escape, and with “Quicksand”, Skofee so brilliantly portrays these relatable moments. Lyrics including, “I felt the bottom and I don’t want it / I can’t handle this emotion / my love is lost on you”, relay the feeling of hopelessness in knowing you are with someone you need to let go of. “Quicksand” features colorful synths, layered soaring melodies and nostalgic dipped 90’s inspired soundscapes for a breathtakingly catchy sound. Skofee’s unique and desirable vocal tones are on full display in “Quicksand” for a captivating listen.

Skofee burst onto the scene in 202 with her debut EP Polished. With much critical acclaim and a building fanbase who is drawn to her emotional pop music, Skofee plans to release another EP Joyland later this year. Take a listen to “Quicksand” now and remember when you hit your breaking point, you are not alone.

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