Skott fires off emotional ammunition in new album ‘Roses N Guns’

Swedish singer-songwriter Skott was first covered on EARMILK back in 2019 when the artist released “Midas“, at the time Rachel said Skott’s work was notable as it showcased her [Skott’s] quieter background mixing, making room for her powerhouse” and with the recent released of Skott’s highly-anticipated sophomore album “Roses N Guns”, that statement is as relevant as ever.

The album’s title, “Roses N Guns”, is a wordplay on Skott’s name, which means both “sprout” and “gunshot” in Swedish. The title represents life and death, which are recurring themes throughout the album. Skott’s journey of self-discovery is also reflected in the cover artwork, which features a giant map where each song is a location.

This 10-track album is an organic journey that features a mix of nature and emotional influences, as Skott draws upon emotions of life and death, heartbreak, and love for the album. Her personal inspirations are reflected in the lyrics and themes of the entirety of the project.

The album takes listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, with the title track “Roses N Guns” summarising the theme of the album through its underlying power ballad that showcases Skott’s powerful vocals, which are layered over lush instrumentals. It’s a perfect representation of Skott’s ability to merge organic instrumentation with pop production.

Another standout track on the album is “Silver Bridges,” which was inspired by a story by Skott’s grandmother, a beautiful and emotional ballad that showcases Skott’s raw talent as a songwriter and vocalist for the entirety of its nearly four-minute runtime.

Also, “Memory Shore” is another standout that features Skott’s first-ever violin solo and ends the album in – what could be – one of the most calming vocal performances. The song is a comforting ballad that gently tucks the listeners in goodnight per se.

Skott’s 10-track album “Roses N Guns” is a personal and emotional journey that showcases Skott’s talent as a singer-songwriter and producer. Fans of Skott’s previous work will enjoy this album, which features a mix of nature and emotional influences. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking for a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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