Skripture’s “Bally” is about loyalty and trust [Video]

South London rapper Skripture’s new single “Bally” dives into the dynamics of trust, friendship, and loyalty. As expected, the entire affair is handled by Skripture himself, who produced, wrote, recorded, and mastered the track. He employs a gloomy production to go along with his impassioned cadence and knack for detailed storytelling. He gives the listeners some specific scenarios involving close friends breaking the bond leading to dire results.

The track’s accompanying music video was handled by Aaron Plange who sticks closely to the theme of the song. It follows Skripture in his daily operation and later taking part in a transaction that goes south really fast. The seamless mix of performance shots and storyboarding progress along seamlessly and allows viewers to get into the mix of the action as it happens.

Skripture is a founding member of the collective THE TRUTH MOVEMENT (former home to artists: Michael Kiwanuka & Dornik)  and previously a member of the trans-Atlantic super group: THE SCORE.

Stream The BALLY EP here.

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