Sky McCreery sings about the ‘things we don’t talk about’ on new EP

Rising singer Sky McCreery has found a strong fan base through TikTok, and he’s slowly been giving them what they want: great original music. He just released a new EP titled things we don’t talk about, and it’s filled with slow, emotional pop songs that show off the effortless vocals of an emerging artist ready to make his mark on this music industry. 

Right from the start, tracks like “i remember” has Sky hitting the mic in peak form, singing over only an acoustic guitar, minimal drums, while letting a cascade of emotions seep through every lyric. The stripped-down production helps showcase Sky’s smooth voice while allowing him to still command that center stage with powerful vocal moments. The honest messages within his open songwriting, share vivid memories when a girl told him she loved him. The specificity of the track makes it special and impossible to overlook. The reliability of the lyrics is a theme that continues on throughout the project.

“half a heart” was the only previously-released single from the project, and for good reason. The track holds a universally relatable concept about a lackluster love. It does so with soulful vocals that place Sky in a unique position: this song could have been released in 2000 or in 2040, and it would still remain just as powerful. 

Check out Sky’s entire five-song EP, things we don’t talk about, up above. 

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