Slow Shudder reveals the glacial single “Time Now For Ghosts”

Seattle-bases hyperpop artist Slow Shudder shares the spine-tingling single “Time Now For Ghosts.” Inspired by vivid dreams, the single reflects on past relationships that didn’t quite give the closure needed.

Entirely self-produced, “Time Now For Ghosts” is elemental with its otherwordly sonics being captivatingly intense. With its glistening sonics and echoing reverb that lace Slow Shudder’s ethereal vocals, the track is a sickly-sweet single dripping in gold. Combined with textured synths and percussive patterns, the single is an explorative insight into the creativity of this shiny pop artist.

“When lockdown went into effect, I began having daily dreams about the first person I romantically loved, who unexpectedly passed away just over four years ago, as well as other people in my life with whom I was previously involved,” shares the artist. “I recognized that there were a lot of unprocessed emotions there, which I’d compartmentalized over the years instead of fully accepting and feeling.”

She continues: “It’s interesting to think about the concept of entanglement within the framework of relationships and memory. Obviously, when writing, I was considering it less from a particle physics standpoint and more as a thought experiment.”

Slow Shudder’s artistry is enticing, its sounds sometimes abrasive. Yet it’s appeal is addictive, it a way that it’s just too irresistible to miss.. like a piece of forbidden fruit. “Time Now For Ghosts” is the juicy apple of temptation – let us have it all and more.

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