Snny fuses darker funk elements in his new contemporary pop release “Postmodern Black”

Iceland based artist, snny’s latest release, “Postmodern Black” is a fun and funky listen with an underlying tone of positive self-reflection. Following the success of his EP, Otito, snny delivers a genre-bending sound featuring a mellow pop beat wrapped up with elements of electro and alternative.

“Postmodern Black” begins with elongated distorted synths, providing the listener with a moodier and darker electro-pop sound. Snny’s harmonic vocals instantly stand out among the drumming beat as more soulful and funkier elements kick in. The electric guitar strums add even further textures to the eclectic track with levels of alternative rock on top of the funky bass-driven rhythm. The steady melody never overshadows the singer’s expressive voice and that meshes seamlessly as the track keeps your toes tapping from start to finish. 

The inspiration for the single came from the 1990 essay written by Bell Hooks, Postmodern Blackness. Snny describes the creative process, “’Postmodern Black’ is to me a sonic manifestation of my own self-reliance. It’s almost a superpower to be able to trust your instincts, and I wanted to render that notion with melody and instruments. As a young African man creating in this era, I have a responsibility to my kinfolk to champion independence and fortitude during these divisive times.” Snny channels his identification and autonomy within a dance-worthy modern sound.

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