Snoozegod gives us a dose of “Saudade”

Snoozegod first burst onto the music scene in 2015 following the move from his Fremont, Ohio hometown to Los Angeles. After the move, he began to work closely with R&B artist blackbear, co-writing blackbear’s 2017 album, Digital Druglord, which sold 500,000 copies. More recently, he has built up an impressive discography of smooth solo releases, establishing himself as a talented songwriter and producer, fusing laid back hip-hop with R&B and pop stylings, with his latest single, “Saudade”, featuring Mondo Loops, serving as no exception. 

A peaceful, reminiscent instrumental made up of dreamy guitars that drift wistfully, playing out over top of an organic sounding bass line, marks this fresh single. The drums on “Saudade” sound crisp and natural. The producers add some beautiful background effects, with lapping ocean waves and birds singing. These effects complement the tone of the song perfectly, adding to the nostalgic atmosphere and capturing the feeling of moving on from a good situation, hence the title. 

A relaxed and bittersweet listening experience, “Saudade” is the perfect remedy to a bad day, and the ideal companion for a good one. 

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