SOBER SEVEN announces comeback with new single “7 Billion”

After a short hiatus, SOBER SEVEN is back with a brand new single titled “7 Billion”. 

Breaking onto the scene in 2019, SOBER SEVEN has had serious pressure on him from the word go. It is very rare to see someone with so much potential from the jump. His debut single “Fabulous” gained him much notoriety and he followed that up with another home run on his 2020 single “RENT FREE”. Despite the lack of content in the market, the hype surrounding SOBER SEVEN really came from his time in the acclaimed duo Hendrick Lane. Having played venues across Ireland with his duo, we all waited with bated breath to see what was next for SOBER SEVEN after the disbanding of Hendrick Lane. 

“7 Billion” is the answer to that. This track pulls from romance and love but underlines it with a hint of hostility and confrontation. His refined melodics and excellent songwriting create an interesting space for the listener to navigate. It feels like watching a rom-com in slow motion so you can pick up on all the toxic traits of both the protagonist and antagonist. The acoustic elements gives off similar vibes to the likes of Daniel Caesar and Giveon. The songwriting is visual and the delivery is second to none. There is very little room for doubt when it comes to the sheer talent on offer here. 

SOBER SEVEN is a proven talent despite the lack of solo content in the market. However, that doesn’t take away from the excitement when he decides to bless us with a release. This track is further proof that all eyes should be on SOBER SEVEN whenever his music drops. 

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