Solå shares the dazzling synth-pop EP “Feel What I Feel”

Norweigan artist Solå embraces all things synth-pop with the kaleidoscopic EP Feel What I Feel. Drawing on her solid alt-pop sensibilities, the EP navigates through the various stages of heartbreak and results in four tracks that rebuild the strength of becoming a whole person.

Firing on all cylinders with the pop heavy opener “Feel What I Feel”, Solå navigates between lucid indietronica and dazzling synth-pop. Dripping in effervescent sonics, the track is an incredibly addictive bop. Slowing things down, but only slightly, on the single “B Mine”, Solå’s hazy vocals are layered over a sleek alt-pop melody that fires you into a indie-fuelled daydream. Embracing the comfort of being on your own, the track offers a moment of solidarity with finding peace within yourself. 

Although it’s danceable back beat would have you thinking that it’s an indie dancefloor filler, “Can’t You See” addresses the feelings of not feeling good enough. Her featherweight vocals sing “I am much more than I appear to be / you shouldn’t judge by the things you see”, creating an anthem for those who feel like they need to prove themselves. But with it’s oscilliating synths and uplifting vibe, “Can’t You See” holds itself to be a key highlight on the EP’s journey of self-love.

Bringing the EP to a close on favourite “Last Lines”, the track says a final goodbye to someone once close. It’s a rousing blend of indie-pop and remains the track that truly captures our hearts. “My debut EP is best described as the different stages of heartbreak,” explains Solå. “For me it was important to understand my own thoughts and feelings, and its been a huge help writing about it. Now it is yours, and you may read the songs as you please.”

It’s pretty clear that this Norweigan queen is a star in the making. Dripping in glistening alt-pop, Feel What I Feel is an enchanting EP that captures the glorious sound of an artist revelling in the comfort that pop provides. Blissfully brilliant. 

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