Songwriter Joe Hicks releases the fiery new single “Sail Away”

UK singer-songwriter Joe Hicks releases his new single “Sail Away.” Taken from his forthcoming album The Best I Could Do At The Time, the track is a rising collection of guitars and drum beats, encouraging us out of our seats to take notice of what’s being sung to us.

A track that weaves indie-rock with anthemic choruses, “Sail Away” yearns for better times in the future; a bright manifestation of endless possibilities laid as sturdy foundations. Acting as a reminder that love really is the centre of humanity, the single sweeps you off your feet with joy, promising to uplift moods and brighten darker days. “‘Sail Away’ is a reminder to myself that regardless of what happens in my life and career, to love and be loved is the only thing that really matters” explains Hicks.

A journey through rocky times has lead to the creation of one of most mood-boosting tracks I’ve heard in a while. Rooting you from the moment the chords begin, “Sail Away” rouses the senses and erupts into a frenzied moment of powerful vocals and heart-thumping beats – a track that’s been perfected for huge stadiums.

Speaking on the new album, Hicks says: “‘The Best I Could Do at the Time’ is a journey through many of the emotional peaks and troughs we go through as humans, and more specifically me as a musician in such uncertain times. It’s about acknowledging them, living in those feelings for a while and ultimately finding the hope we all have within us to take control and rise above the worst of them. It’s about doing the best we can with the tools that we have.”

Hicks’ debut album The Best I Could Do At The Time is out on Sept 23rd.

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