Sophie Blair debuts with the confident “Don’t Be Like That!”

A lot of new artists tend to fly out of the gate, bursting with an eagerness to prove themselves. However, releasing a song that represents your artistic trajectory can be a challenge, and artists can often spend a few singles experimenting with their sound. Utah-born alt-pop songstress Sophie Blair is a true exception here, emerging with that same untapped eagerness, yet decidedly confident with the results of her efforts.

Speaking to her process in the email press release, she states “It’s a drug I can’t quit because I see the way we – as lovers, as feelers, as criers, as kids – hang onto music, and in return, it never lets us go.” Arriving at the studio with a total of forty complete songs to choose from for her debut EP, the inspired songstress debuts with the stellar “Don’t Be Like That!”

An incredibly strong start, her opening salvo performs at the same calibre as her well-versed contemporaries. Working closely with the Grammy-nominated producer Nate Pyfer, the crisp production perfectly intertwines with the nuanced and confident vocal delivery, working in perfect synergy. Underpinned by an addictive chorus, buoyant bassline and an indelible synth melody, Blair hasn’t merely struck gold with her debut but moreover confirmed herself as one of the most compelling new voices in pop.

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