Sophie Kilburn engages vulnerability in new single “Call Home”

A passionate cry and a confession go together like the most bitter of coffees and the sweetest of sugars, that is just what Sophie Kilburn serves up in her new single “Call Home.” The music of “Call Home,” hot as it builds, exists as an atmosphere for Kilburn’s painful realization of loneliness and also draws the listener into the story being told, pulling one ever closer into its vortex of vulnerability. This new single is an honest and brave approach to an all too common, hidden sense of failure.

“Call Home” is much barer than Kilburn’s typical alt-pop tunes, but that is just how the singer-songwriter talent wants it: from the reverb-heavy electric guitar riff to Kilburn’s gentle vocals morphing jagged there is a simplicity and edge that is to be appreciated. The song builds to an eruption of emotions that is cathartic and that weaves together the feelings of the artist and of the listener. Kilburn connects currently universal angst and uneasiness with an intimate look at her reflections on insecurities and their crippling effect— the merging is beautiful.

At the epicenter of “Call Home,” there is still an ever so faint gleam of hope for a better tomorrow, accented beautifully by Kilburn’s come-down and the tranquil mood of the song’s coda. Sophie Kilburn is, in this new riveting single, extending a hand to those out there with big dreams, stifled not only by the world’s current proceedings but by the inner demons we all dare to battle each day, one song at a time.

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