Soran oozes silky vibes on their new cut "Tired"

Montreal-based artist Soran releases his fourth single of the year, "Tired". If there was any single that wraps up the feelings of the year, "Tired" would pretty much sum it up.

Laced with confessional lyricism, the single is a raw account of after-breakup turmoil. Sitting happily between singer-songwriter and R&B, Soran's sound is fresh. On the new cut, his vocals ooze silky tones whilst the backdrop's cushioned thuds and rhythmic notions are extraordinarily interdimensional. His alt-R&B sonics see Soran carving out his own place in the musical world and navigating his creativities with style as next year sees him planning a full Canadian tour. 

Drawing on heavy emotions that are evident throughout the dark notes on the single, Soran, a Half-Japanese, half-French, artist, explains: "The verses are written by the head, the chorus by the heart. I wanted to portray the constant back and forth and confusion that goes into one's mind after a breakup."

Using his personal experiences and emotions to bolster his music is the key to Soran's evocative tunes. His honesty conjures up strong imagery through his words, a craft that showcases his true ability as a storyteller. "Tired" may be the fourth single of the year for Soran, but it's the best one emotionally.

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