Sorebae delivers heartfelt melancholy on new single “half cut”

If Bedroom Pop with a familiar, classic touch is your bag then enter Sorebae, the project of Manchester’s own lovesick crooner Sam Craighan. “half cut,” sees distant vinyl crackles melt with woozy, bell synth sounds beneath Sam’s uncut vocals, delivering nostalgic melodies with the softest of soft boi lyrics: “If you ever want to talk about shit, I’ll be there in a moment’s notice”.

Indie-pop has never felt so organic with Sam’s 60s-inspired take on the lo-fi grasp that has a hold on DIY Pop scene which he describes as: “A Cliff Richard song, if Cliff Richard was a depressed twenty-something with abandonment anxiety.”

Wistful yet self-assured, “half cut,” is Sorebae’s fourth single that follows on from previous releases “lilmore,” “cherryade,” and “so dazed,” all of which received support from coveted UK publications.

Having also supported the likes of Spector at Manchester’s iconic O2 Ritz (that holds a whopping 1,500 gig-goers) as well headlining YES Basement just down the road, Sorebae has very much made his presence known and has rapidly become a must-see in Manchester’s ever-evolving music scene.

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