Sosv hits the beat with that “Uzi Flow”

Hailing from the Bronx, New York, upcoming rapper Sosv has been causing a stir with his melodic twist on New York-style rap. With his latest project, “Most Wanted”,  Sosv worked with many well-known established artists – like Uncle Murda and Neek Bucks, who confirmed his talent for rap. Some of his best work has come from that album, and it brought in over 100k streams on Spotify. Fast forwarding to today Sosv has one of his biggest projects yet in the works with huge collaborations that will put him on the map. In the meantime, Sosv and CashMoneyAP teamed up to create his latest track and yet another melodic hit, “Uzi Flow”.

“Uzi Flow” is one of those tracks that plays in your head over and over, even when you’re done listening. Sosv’s signature melodies combine with a clean, crisp mix to provide the utmost listening experience – not to mention the bars. Diving into the chorus with “I hit the beat with that uzi flow”, we’re immediately welcomed by the peak of the track. A beat reminiscent of Lil Uzi Vert’s music tops the track off, and all in all it’s a very creative flow with top-tier sound quality. We’re excited to follow Sosv as he continues his career, and look forward to his next project.

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