Soul/retro pop act Youngtones drop eponymous album

Soul/retro pop act Youngtones drops joyful eponymous album taking us through 14 tracks of smooth melodies and vocals mixed up with feel-good vibes. Drawing from a range of soul and R&B sounds, the foot-tapping body of work celebrates the overflowing joy that music can bring us.

Opening up with the groovy stylings of “The Sun,” with jazzy instrumentals carried by his easy-going voice the album immediately pulls us in with sunny stylings before quickly switching gears with soothing, piano-led stand-out “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The sixties and seventies influence within the production shines in the debonair offering “Ivory Tower,” lush, rocking guitar lines pulling straight through to the next track,  uber stylish “Losers.”

The album manages to showcase incredible versatility from luscious soundscapes of the first four tracks, before continuing with the anthemic touches of “Go Getter,” and the electro-tinged “Ruthless.”

The next highlight of the album comes with “Dopamine,” filled with jazzy arrangements and velvety vocals before slowing things down with “Try Try Try,” merging straight into another stand-out in the form of romantic, dreamy “Sway.”

Youngtones is tight in its arrangement seamlessly pushing from one experimental soundscape into another right until the end, moving from the booming beats and rhythms of “Gravity” to the acoustic brilliance of final track “Me and U,” finishing off with a high which began with the first notes of the first track.

With a captivating presence that has been built and polished since 2017, Youngtones have crafted an escapist discography that can connect with everyone listening – the effortless feel of their self-titled album being the best representation of their passion and  musical journey so far.

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